Reverse engineering of truss load tables

Not all truss datasheets hold information on design forces, such as bending moments and shear forces needed to perform static calculations. This post will take a quick look at a spreadsheet, which can aid you in solving this (Direct download link at the end of the post). Keep it simple Using the partial safety factors of unfavorable loading […]

Truss – Load Table Calculation

Celebrating the introduction of a European truss standard and an effort to answer more of the common questions on this subject, this post will initiate a short series of posts, all looking a bit deeper into different structural aspects of truss systems; beginning with the simple equations used when drafting load tables and some of […]

The introduction of a European truss standard

Aluminium truss, one of the most applied structural elements in temporary structures, now finally has a common European EN standard (DS/EN 17115:2018), which hopefully will be adapted in its full contexts by manufacturers; increasing comparable structural information and not least aid to an increase in safety of the entire industry. For the non-industry reader, a […]

Temporary Truss Systems – Load Tables

In my series of posts, answering some of the most common questions among my clients, this post will try to answer some of the most common questions regarding the load tables of temporary truss systems. What legislation is applicable for truss? It depends on the usage of the system. In the EU a truss, will […]