Entertainment Engineering

Entertainment Engineering

A specialized engineering company working in the field of temporary structures, hydraulics, hoists and rigging for the entertainment industry.

Our website just got a major overhaul and is currently being deployed. Updating the content will take some effort, but rest assured it will be worth the wait. Pls. do not hesitate to make contact by e-mail.


Some of the most commonly requested services are...

  • Documentation


    Assisting with CE declarations, development of documentation for your temporary structures.

  • Structural design & calculcations

    Structural design & calculcations

    Specialized structurs in steel, aluminium & tensile membranes.

  • Solving problems

    Solving problems

    Finding solutions for all most any kind of technical or logistic problem.

  • Specialized tools

    Specialized tools

    Developing tools to streamline and ease calculation, documentation and specification tasks

  • Engineering


    Helping you design staging, rigging and hoists for any critical task.

  • Daylight & Light Engineering

    Daylight & Light Engineering

    Aiding with all steps, from idea, to design, install, programming and facilitation of advanced light installs.



    Aiding in the development of ilogic scripts, Automation of process'

  • Need help?

    Need help?

    Updated knowledge helping you with technical questions. Aiding with specifications and inspections

Technical blog

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    Not all truss datasheets hold information on design forces, such as bending moments and shear forces needed to perform static calculations. This post will take a quick look at a spreadsheet, which can aid you in solving this (Direct download link at the end of the post). Keep it simple Using the partial safety factors of unfavorable loading […]

  • Truss – Load Table Calculation

    Celebrating the introduction of a European truss standard and an effort to answer more of the common questions on this subject, this post will initiate a short series of posts, all looking a bit deeper into different structural aspects of truss systems; beginning with the simple equations used when drafting load tables and some of […]

  • Considerations when planning to cast aluminium truss in concrete blocks

    Continuing my series of posts, this post will look at a specific issue, which seems common based on my observations at site inspections – the mix of aluminium truss and concrete. Risks to consider Aluminium and concrete can be mixed, but some considerations should be undertaken prior to the casting process.   Embedding untreated aluminium […]